Painting Services

Wirral Plasterer can also return and paint your newly plastered walls and ceilings. We can paint anything from a small boxroom ceiling to a whole house. For those who wish to redecorate themselves, here are a few pointers:


How Long Should I Wait Before Painting?


You should wait until the plaster has fully dried out and obtained a uniform finish. This can depend on numerous factors, including the time of year, ventilation and heating, and the substrate that's been plastered. If it's two coat work - a backing coat and a skim coat - it can take a week for the plaster to fully dry out, and even longer than that if there is no heating and in the middle of winter. Where the work is freshly skimmed plasterboard it should take no more than two or three days to fully dry out. You can help the plaster dry out naturally by ensuring the room is well ventilated . 



Do I Need To Seal the Plaster? 


You should seal the new plaster with a mist coat. A mist coat is a watered down matt emulsion, roughly 1 part water to 2 parts paint, that will saturate the new plaster and seal the wall, allowing subsequent undiluted coats to be more easily applied. Applying an undiluted emulsion to a newly plastered wall without a mist coat would cause the paint to dry out too quickly and sit on top of the new plaster rather than penetrating and sealing it. After a short time it would start flake and peal. PVA is also not recommended to seal new plaster. Emulsion applied to the PVA would  sit on top of the PVA without penetrating the wall. You can purchase specialist trade emulsions that are already watered down and intended for use with new plaster, even before the plaster has fully dried out. But it's still advisable to use a standard emulsion for the final coat to achieve a professional finish.